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Create frictionless, secure and privacy protected access for your customers.

Customer Identity

Get in touch to find out what the OneWelcome Cloud Identity Platform can do for your business. Benefit from digital business enablement, operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, improved security and facilitated compliance. 

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Trusted by 100+ leading European organisations.

related customers

Trusted by 100+ leading European organisations.

featured capabilities

single sign-on (sso)

With Single Sign-On, you offer your customers fast, secure and seamless access to your online services with just a single login of their choice.

multi-factor authentication

Add additional security layers such as biometrics, face recognition, one-time password or mobile login to protect against account takeover.

user management

Choose among rich capabilities in profile management, password management and registration to manage your users at scale.

identity proofing

Set your required Identity Assurance Level (IAL) and choose from commercial and governmental bring-your-own-identity (BYOI) providers or document-centric-identity proofing services.

mobile identity

Use our authenticator app or end-to-end mobile security platform (SDK) to create customer apps with bank-grade security.

consent management

Embed consent in the user journey and allow consumers to view, edit, download and delete their personal and consent data. Enable DPO's to govern the data and privacy protection processes in real time.

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simple and secure access to online services for European organisations