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exceeding digital identity ambitions with a secure, user-friendly identity & access management solution

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people using Klaverblad’s insurance services
independent insurance agencies provided with secure access to Klaverblad’s resources
people using Klaverblad’s insurance services
independent insurance agencies provided with secure access to Klaverblad’s resources

modernising a legacy system

To give its independent advisors and business users access to the internal resources they need, Klaverblad had been using a home-built solution. In recent years, like many insurers, Klaverblad had to make significant strides toward digitalisation where it gradually became clear that their legacy access management solution no longer met their standards. As a result, they decided to explore the market to see if buying a solution was an option.

On top of that, there was news that the Dutch insurance industry’s Digital Passport login scheme was to be phased out by March 2022. It would be replaced by eHerkenning, the national eID scheme used in the Netherlands. Now, the race was on to find a new solution. Building was simply not an ideal choice. So, when Klaverblad discovered that OneWelcome could offer them exactly the functionality they needed with an out-of-the-box solution, they seized the opportunity.

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the challenge: transitioning to eHerkenning

The main challenge that the new solution would need to overcome was the phase-out of the Digital Passport and the switch to eHerkenning. As an insurance company, Klaverblad must adhere strictly to GDPR privacy requirements as well as robust security policies enforced by its financial supervisors. This meant that the new system would need to include SSO and two-factor authentication within eHerkenning.

the solution: eHerkenning including delegation & relations management with OneWelcome

OneWelcome worked closely with Klaverblad to implement a modern, cloud-based B2B Identity and Access Management platform. The new solution features complete eHerkenning login capabilities, including SSO and two-factor authentication for added security together with delegation and relations management.

The added value of delegation and relation management enables Klaverblad to delegate different access rights to different business partners, and for those partners in turn to delegate rights to their users, putting the company in control of all identities. This entire orchestrated system allows Klaverblad to centrally manage the onboarding of digital identities – and actualise real chain authorisation.

the results: expanding the scope to exceed digital identity ambitions

Klaverblad, pleased with the results is expected to expand the scope of the project to include Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) for their B2C users. This shows how user-friendly, secure and future proof the OneWelcome Identity & Access Management solution is.

With support from OneWelcome, Klaverblad is continuing to execute on its digital strategy in other areas as well. The company would also like to introduce a new functionality for mobile apps for its various user groups in the near future, as well as eSigning capabilities. When it’s ready to make that leap, OneWelcome will be by their side, with the right Identity & Access Management solutions for the job.

insurance with a personal touch

Klaverblad is an independent medium-size insurer in the Netherlands that prides itself on excellent, personalised customer service. Founded in 1850, the company serves primarily private customers as well as small- to mid-sized enterprises. To fully live up to its high standards of service quality, Klaverblad works with a network of freelance advisors and brokers, as well as its own internal staff.

Recently Klaverblad decided to modernise its digital platform for its advisors and business customers. It needed a state-of-the-art, secure, yet user-friendly solution to grant access to a wide range of external business users. That’s why the company decided to team up with OneWelcome and take advantage of our extensive expertise in B2B access management in the insurance industry.

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Case Study - Klaverblad

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Case Study - Klaverblad

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