identity lab sessions: unlocking retail growth in 2023 and beyond

Retail Identity Lab - Part 2 - Omni-channel Success in Retail- Achieving smooth, consistent customer journeys, regardless of channel

identity lab sessions: unlocking retail growth in 2023 and beyond

part 2: omni-channel success in retail: achieving smooth, consistent customer journeys, regardless of channel 

June 6th, 4pm CEST

What exact strings must retailers pull in order to achieve true omnichannel success?

Even after a decade in the spotlight, Omnichannel is the buzzword that maintains its relevance – year after year. Partly, because several organizations are still trying to get to it right in a landscape where it’s an absolute must.

So, what can be done to create those fluid, consistent and 100% hassle-free shopping experiences that customers demand?  

This is where digital identity comes in to play.

Join us for an all-round session where leading experts discover how global retailers can finally achieve – and harness significant value – from delivering a unified customer experience, across the board.  

In this session, the 2nd in our Retail Identity Lab series, identity experts Haider Iqbal and Martin Otten come together in a hands-on discussion, specifically developed to help retailers thrive in an identity-first landscape.  

Join and learn how to: 

  • Achieve ongoing channel and brand consistency across the board 
  • Unify customer identities across your sub-brands and improve personalisation 
  • Create a fluid customer experience from one channel to the next 
  • Balance security and CX 
  • And ultimately, why digital identity is key to omnichannel success in retail 


Leadership - Haider Iqbal 2     Haider Iqbal
    Director IAM Product Marketing,


Martin Otten     Martin Otten
   Director Sales North EMEA, Thales


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