identity lab sessions: unlocking retail growth in 2023 and beyond

Retail Identity Lab - Part 3 - User Journey Orchestration - A CIAM cornerstone to boosting retail performance

identity lab sessions: unlocking retail growth in 2023 and beyond

part 3: user journey orchestration: a CIAM cornerstone to boosting retail performance

July 5th, 4pm CEST

To effectively manage digital identities and customer journeys, leading retailers are increasingly investing in more modern CIAM solutions. User Journey Orchestration has become a key-driver for this adoption, with customer experience, security and real-time customer insights being the apparent benefits.

In a share-all-session, subject matter experts unwrap this concept from multiple angles. With that, we're inviting retail & eCommerce folks, customer experience leaders, brand & marketing managers, and information security officers to join the discussion.  

If you want to increase customer engagement, deliver secure and frictionless online shopping experiences, you’ve landed on the right page. Register today and explore key topics, defining retail success, including:

  • Progressive Profiling; the need to gather first-hand, high-quality customer data in a compliant manner 
  • Building unique customer profiles to drive more meaningful interactions
  • Gathering customer data in a non-invasive and user-centric way
  • Connecting real-time data points across channels, touchpoints and systems
  • Using identity analytics to capture and act on real-time customer insights
  • Triggering the right information at the right time to facilitate seamless upsells and cross sales
  • Managing and centralizing customer identities in a fragmented 'brandscape'


Leadership - Haider Iqbal 2     Haider Iqbal
    Director IAM Product Marketing,

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