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Bovemij wins the KuppingerCole European Identity Award in the category ‘Identity Fabrics and IDaaS’

KuppingerCole, global industry analyst firm, awards Bovemij with the European Identity Award in the category of ‘Identity Fabrics and IDaaS’. The award recognises well designed, innovative projects that deliver services from the cloud in scale, enabling efficient, secure and compliant access to all identities involved with all systems and resources necessary.

Bovemij needed to connect consumers in the digital world and link them digitally to mobility companies, the vast majority of which have neither the scale, the financial means nor the expertise to ‘go digital’ on their own.

Choosing OneWelcome as their B2B and B2C identity and access management provider, and leveraging our proven capabilities to securely connect customers and business ecosystems to their online services, they were able to successfully create a single B2B2C digital mobility service platform that connects customers with businesses, providing them with high identity assurance levels.

Bovemij aims to connect 10,000+ mobility partners with 10 Million+ customers. Since early 2021, 25,000 B2B accounts and 5 Million B2C accounts have been onboarded. These numbers are expected to double soon, resulting in a nationwide adoption.

OneWelcome, along with its flexible cloud identity platform, is committed to offering Bovemij and other European enterprises the means to develop trusted, reliable, and scalable identity and access management services to help increase efficiency and business success.

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