Onegini and iWelcome are now OneWelcome

Onegini and iWelcome merge to become the largest European identity & access management vendor

Merger will instantly create the richest identity suite for B2C and B2B use cases and accelerates innovation for European enterprises.

Amsterdam, 20 July 2021 - Dutch SaaS companies Onegini and iWelcome today announced that the companies have merged into OneWelcome. The combination blends into the largest European vendor of Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) SaaS. The merger expedites the combined vision of making digital business for all European enterprises simple and safe. From day-one, OneWelcome protects tens of millions of European digital identities for flag-ship customers like Aegon, Admiral Insurance, Baloise, Malakoff Humanis, PostNL, Dutch Railways and the European Central Bank.

The richest Identity suite designed for European Enterprises
Danny de Vreeze, CEO of OneWelcome: “We share an identity vision that is centered around connecting and protecting people, businesses, things and IT. Combining Onegini’s state-of-the-art mobile authentication platform and core identity capabilities with iWelcome’s leading consent management and B2B delegation management functionality creates the richest platform in the market. We anchor into our product our in-depth understanding of the European identity challenges, like GDPR, eID’s and Bring-your-own-identity. Therefor OneWelcome is the most compelling CIAM & B2B offering available today for European enterprises.”

Identity Management is a prerequisite in the execution of any digital strategy
Catering for an outstanding omnichannel and frictionless (digital) customer experience is key for online services, no matter whether customers use web or mobile technology. Privacy protection and implementing the highest security standards have defined proper stewardship. Who the user is, what the user is allowed to do, enabling the user to opt-in or out defines the relationship and its governance. Identity management therefor is fundamental to any online interaction.

Jeroen Starrenburg, COO of OneWelcome: “Balancing ease-of-use with safety in the customer journey is an art in itself. In the acquisition stage of the customer life cycle, aspects of Identity Proofing, Know Your Customer (KYC), Fraud Detection and Consent Management have to be applied, while the flow should remain intuitive. Orchestrating this, makes the purchase of an identity platform one of the most logical decisions for any modern enterprise.”

OneWelcome from day one: no 1 European CIAM vendor, trusted by +100 leading brands
The new organization currently serves more than 100 enterprise customers across Europe. Most of the customers are present in the regulated industries, a segment known because of its stringent security requirements. OneWelcome is certified by the Dutch Government for eIDAS and handles 75% of the Netherlands eHerkenning traffic. OneWelcome has more than 120 employees and is headquartered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands with international offices in Germany, Poland and Romania.

About iWelcome
iWelcome, founded in 2011 is headquartered in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) and offers leading features such as privacy & consent management and delegation administration for B2B purposes. All of this provided via multi-branded-UI and API’s, making iWelcome one of the most flexible CIAM solutions on the market. IWelcome has been recognised by KuppingerCole as a Product Leader. On top of that, iWelcome is the largest certified supplier for the Dutch government ID ‘eHerkenning’, notified under eIDAS. For more information, go to

About Onegini
Onegini, founded in 2011 is headquartered in Woerden (The Netherlands) and offers leading features such as mobile authentication platform and core identity capabilities. Enterprises quickly and securely create mobile apps and digital portals while not having to worry about registration, identification, login and management of the digital identity. Onegini has been recognised by Gartner as a CIAM specialist.
For more information, go to

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